What is GoTo-Cook?

GoTo-Cook is a useful, informative, and fun recipes/ingredients matching system, which providing platform for members to save, to share their favorite recipes as well as base on what they have and explore other member's favorite recipes.

Another cool function in GoTo-Cook is the system will base on what members have and tell they what kind of ingredients they are missing when they need to make some specific dishes.

Also, GoTo-Cook providing a lot of cooking related useful information, it try to help users/members save more, waste less and more efficient.


How to use GoTo-Cook?

Step 1
Register as a member

Step 2
Input all your recipes in GoToCook database

Step 3
Input all the ingredients you have at home to "My Kitchen"


The system will help you match your ingredients with your favorite recipes and other member's favorite recipes.

You can easily found what kind of dishes you can make on recipe search result.

You are always welcome to update your ingredients list in "My Kitchen" and your favorite recipes for future use and share your favorite recipes with other cooking lover.


How do I delete an ingredient I ran out of?

Click the red 'X' next to the ingredient you want to delete. The recipes on the right will update immediately based on the new information.


Can GoTo-Cook help me improve my cooking skills?

Yes! GoTo-Cook have one section called "Useful Information". You can find many cooking related tips in this section to help you solve the problem in cooking preparation or during cooking.


I want to use apple in my dessert, how do I tell GoTo-Cook to display ONLY dessert that use apple?

Assume you already input all the ingredients you have (included "Apple") in "My Kitchen".  You can use GoTo-Cook arrow down function - "Emplasize"

Input "Apple" into Emplasize box.  The "Emplasize" box only allow you to input the ingredients you have in "My Kitchen", so make sure you have "Apple" in "My Kitchen". 

You can input as many ingredients as you like. GoTo-Cook will now ONLY display recipes which contain the ingredients you have input in "Emplasize" - Then, go to search result and click dessert. You will see the system ONLY display the dessert that contained apple.

Please note that when you input the ingredients in "Emplasize", GoTo-Cook will have less recipes in results section.

To 'un-emplasize' an ingredient simply click the red "X" right next to that ingredient in "Emplasize" box.


How can I find specific recipes, like soups, Kung Po Chicken or Lemongrass Pork chop?

After entering your ingredients into GoTo-Cook, a 'Keyword' search box will appear on the left. You can type non-specific words e.g. soup, salad or you can type specific dish name e.g. Kung Po Chicken. It's that easy!


Are there any default ingredients GoTo-Cook assumes everybody has at home?

No, you need to input all the ingredient that needed for your recipes, including salt, pepper, sugar and water etc.


Are the contents of my kitchen on GoTo-Cook stored on the server?

If you sign up for a free account, all your ingredients will be saved on the server. If you choose not to sign up for an account then your ingredients will be lost the next time you clear your cookies on your browser.


Can I access my kitchen on GoTo-Cook from any computer?

If you sign up for a free account, you will be able to view 'your kitchen' on GoTo-Cook from any computer. Simply log in with your username and password.


How can I get my recipes to appear on GoTo-Cook?

Go To "Recipe upload" to upload your recipe. Then your recipe will show on result list as well as "My account" page.

If you want to edit, delete or update, you simply go to "My account", there are one section called "You uploaded", then you can modify all the recipes there?


GoTo-Cook will show all the recipes I uploaded?

GoTo-Cook providing convenience to people as well as provide the free platform for people to share their favorite recipes. However GoTo-Cook has reserved the complete right to remove the information uploaded by members, if that information is violation of GoTo-Cook Terms of Use and posting guidelines, especially post commercial content in "recipe upload" section is forbidden.


Can I advertise on GoTo-Cook?

To discuss advertising opportunities, please contact us.