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How to make Thai food at home, order Thai cookware, as well as order Thai food and Japanese food online in America
See how to make vegan wedding food


Put one time use portion into plastic bag and keep it in freezer
Try adding a little bit of lemon juice to romaine leaves before preparing caesar salad.
Add a touch of garlic powder to your tunafish salad. ( Many restaurants do it.)
Ever struggled with the supposedly simple kitchen task of boiling and peeling an egg? When boiling hard- boiled eggs, add a little bit of vinegar to the water. It will make peeling the eggshells much easier. A few weeks ago I was at my brother’s lovely new house in the country and had been i ... Read more
To remove the skin from a tomato, plunge the tomato into boiling water for 10- 20 seconds.
If a soup, sauce or stew is over- salted, add some sliced raw potato. It will absorb the excess salt.